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Five Future Favourites in Palma


Five Future Favourites in Palma

Majorca's Food&Wine

We’ve all been there. You are on vacation, and you want to have a bit to eat. You start a quest for finding that nice, genuine restaurant to eat at, but end up wandering for hours. Finally, weakened by hunger, you give up and end up at the nearest tourist joint, surrounded by loud vermilion shaded tourists, with a plate of overcooked pasta, runny sauce and chewy shrimps in front of you. Is this something you would like to avoid on your next trip to Palma?

Yes, it is. You may not know it yet, but this should definitely be avoided. And how difficult is it to cook pasta? Do you really want to eat at a restaurant where they cannot cook pasta? Don’t you, on your vacation, deserve to eat good food and drink great wine at some exciting and eccentric places?

Yes you do! The following is a list of some of our favourite places in Palma. All are not restaurants, but they are exciting, original and just the thing for those of you who want to try something new.

Quina Creu

Whether you’re looking for a really good cup of strong coffee, a full bodied glass of wine, a light tapas lunch or a nice dinner, Quina Creu is a good choice. It is a little tricky to find, hence the lack of angrily red-coloured northern Europeans. A café/bar/restaurant with retro décor, that plays jazz and bossa nova. After a shopping spree, or a long day on the golf course, it is nice to sink into one of the leather sofas and order up a glass of red, red wine (UB20?).

You can sit and talk for hours, and when you start to get a little bit hungry you can either ask for a menu or continue to wander along the old quarters of Palma in search for other restaurants. If you are a large party, or going out to dinner on a weekend we do recommend you book a table.

Call 971 711 772, or you can contact us, and we’ll help you book a table.

Calle Cordera 24

The entrance is located between a tattoo studio and a clock shop.

Quina creu webpage

Do not be intimidates by the website, one of their mottos is “A restaurant with many personalities to tempt your alter ego”. There is no requirement for you to dress like a cowboy or a flapper to enjoy eating here.

Bar Café Coto

First impression of the Bar Café is like a vitamin boost, or like that first bite of chocolate – it makes you happy! With its bright pink exterior and colourful umbrellas, Coto really stands out from the other bars and restaurants in Plaza La Drassana. But it’s not just the exterior of this restaurant that makes this restaurant special.

The menu has distinct Asian influences with many vegetarian options as well as very tasty tapas trays that come in small, medium and large, depending on how hungry you are for tapas. This is such an incredibly cosy restaurant. The waiters are super-friendly! If you arrive to find the restaurant full, normally you will be offered to wait, and while waiting offered a glass of cold, bubbly cava. Service is great, and the sangria made with cava instead of red wine is dangerously tasty.

This is not a restaurant which is hard to find, and it is no stranger to tourist, but the food is so good and the atmosphere so lovely that you won’t mind.

Plaça de la Drassana 12

You will notice when you have arrived!!

Bar Coto webpage

La Sifoneria

The name of this bar (?) Comes from "siphons," a refillable bottle you fill with wine, soda or otherwise. This is a small local, very popular among the locals. Here you can stock up on winebottles for a cheap price, take them home, drink in peace and quiet, and then come back and fill the bottle up again. It is an incredibly "green" way to drink wine, since drain wine into a recycled bottle directly from wine barrels that are lined up. If you are not in the mood for a whole bottle you just ask the owner for a glass of wine, pointing to one of the barrels you feel like tasting. The wine here is good with many locally produced alternatives.

The decor is very original, and just ”very much” in general. Should you run out of conversation topics you can sit and look around, and still not get bored. The wine is good, and the owner usually offers "quelys", a type of Majorcan biscuits. Come in, buy a glass of wine from the barrel you choose, and sit down on one of the plastic crates that are lined up along the walls, or continue further in and look at some of the works of art exhibited in the rear of the local. There is always something to look at, and all works are by local artists.

There is no credit card machine, so wine needs to be paid in cash when you feel that it's time to get up from your plastic crate, brush off your quely-crumbs and continue on in the balmy night.

Calle Santa Clara 4

A fun and different way to enjoy a glass of wine!!

La sifoneria webpage

Teatre Sans

Crashing heel stomping, clattering hands, loud shouts, drumming guitars.. Boy, fiery flamenco! A local theatre company in the old town offers you to come and experience the flamenco alongside with a good taste of red wine and other local specialities. This takes place every Wednesday until the end of September, at the Teatre Sans. The show begins at 21:00 and must be booked in advance. This is easily done by calling +34 971 727 166 or we can help you book. Entrance costs 20€, but then tasting of wine and other local specialities are included.

Calle Ca'n Sans 5

Teatre Sans Webpage


This restaurant sits atop the city’s ancient city walls that were used for defence against pirates and other evils in the past. To enter the restaurant you must first enter the modern art museum Es Baluard. This results in that many people often see the restaurant during a walk on the Paseo Maritimo and think “wow, how wonderful that restaurant looks, we need to try it” just to end up looking for the entrance for hours and eventually going crazy for not finding it, since it is tucked away inside the museum.

Here they serve luxurious versions of the usual snacks, and the menu is composed of Mediterranean mixed with Asian influences. The food is good, the drinks are cold and refreshing, but the biggest reason why people find their way here is the view. If you are looking to enjoy a good dinner alongside with fantastic views, this is the right place.

Plaça Porta de Santa Catalina 10

If after reading this you feel like coming to Majorca to enjoy the island and to play golf, have a look at our golf packages, or make your own flexible golf package! If you still don’t find what you are looking for, just send us an email to or give us a call on +44 (0)20 359 838 71 and we will be happy to help you!

Play golf, enjoy Majorca!

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