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Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions (which can be modified in the future) are applicable to all services, directly or indirectly (through distributors), offered through the website (hereinafter website), and accessed through any mobile device, or via email or telephone. By making a reservation, the user accepts to have read, understood and agrees to the terms and conditions below:


On the one hand, MALLORCA GOLF TOURS, S.L, with registered address at Dentol, 13, 2ºb, 07610- Palma de Mallorca (Spain), and C.I.F. nº B-57823429 and AVBAL/655, registered at the Company Register of Palma de Mallorca on September 10, 2013, Volume 2547, Folio 146, page number PM-72447, Inscription. And, on the other hand, the individual, hereinafter the USER, who access the website to search for information and to contract the services offered through the Website. The USER declares that he/she is of legal age (over 18 years of age) and has sufficient legal capacity to contract the services offered through this website, and use it in accordance to the following general conditions, which he/she expressly understands and accepts.


MALLORCA GOLF TOURS operates de website and, in particular, offers and, where appropriate, provides the content, products and services to the USER visiting the website on behalf of renowned tour operators. In this sense, MALLORCA GOLF TOURS has simply included the services on the website. Unless explicitly stated, in no case shall it be understood that MALLORCA GOLF TOURS directly itself offers car rental services, travel packages, hotel reservations, bus reservations, travel services and the like. The information on the website is offered for the convenience of the USER as provided to us by the tour operators and may contain inaccuracies and/or errors of any type. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS only guarantees the accuracy and reliability of the information or content of the website in relation to the information that has been supplied to us by such operators.


We will email confirmation of your booking with MALLORCA GOLF TOURS. The confirmation will clearly state the balance to be paid and the date by which it is due. Please check the confirmation email carefully to make sure that all your booking details are all correct. Contact your booking agent if your confirmation appears to be incorrect or incomplete and we will endeavour to make the necessary changes. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS reserves the right to make changes to and correct errors after bookings have been confirmed.

Any hotel ratings or categories have been provided by the accommodation providers and are in accordance with local regulations applicable to each country. Therefore, accommodation in one county may not be similar in terms of services and quality to accommodation in another, despite stating that it is on the same category or rating. Throughout the year, some accommodation providers may change name or trading name, which shall not be construed as a change of accommodation or modification of the reservation. The information provided by MALLORCA GOLF TOURS about hotels and other establishments, transfers, car rental, excursions and ticket services is as updated as possible to the information provided by the establishment or supplier of the service purchased. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS is not held responsible for any inaccuracy or omission of information provided by suppliers. In the case of typographic errors in the prices or terms shown, MALLORCA GOLF TOURS will communicate this error to the USER and will allow the cancellation of the reservation without any charges, considering all erroneous pricing as invalid. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS will advise the USER of any information supplied by the hotel or other establishment regarding the existence and duration of any refurbishment or renovation works within the accommodation. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS will not accept of any claim regarding refurbishment or renovation work of which we have not been informed or which extends beyond the planned date of conclusion. For transfer services, the departure and destination addresses indicated on the voucher are where the USER will be collected and dropped off respectively. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS also reserves the right to not provide the service if the requested transfer differs greatly from the service originally booked. (No modification or alteration shall be permitted with less than 24 hours before the scheduled departure time of the transfer, unless the service provider or destination allow for a greater amount of time). The user will be authorised to cancel the transfer service purchased via email or the MALLORCA GOLF TOURS website. Notifications of cancellations must be made within a minimum notice period of 24 hours before the anticipated service time of the transfer, unless the service provider or destination allow for a greater amount of time. If the USER cancels his/her reservation before the arrival date, we will charge the user the corresponding cancellation fees. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS will refund him/her the amount paid, deducting the cancellation fees incurred by the (transfer) service provider. No refund will be made if notification of the cancellation is made less than 24 hours before the anticipated time of the transfer, or in a period less than that required by the service provider. If the user doesn’t show up without previously informing MALLORCA GOLF TOURS, it will be dealt with as a cancellation. No amount will be refunded by the failure to honour a booking in the above terms and without the specific consequent authorisation from MALLORCA GOLF TOURS. In any case, the USER will be informed of the cancellation fees generated, which can reach up to 100% of the amount of the booking.

Extras: Please note that all extra's consumed on site such as Food, Drink, Entertainment, Spa Treatments and Transport must be paid for by you and your booking with MALLORCA GOLF TOURS only includes the package set out in your confirmation email and invoice. We accept no liability for any charges you consume on site in relation to any extras outside of your package.


The prices shown on our website are highly competitive. The accommodation prices listed on the website are per room and entire stay and are displayed including VAT and all other taxes (subject to change of such taxes), unless stated differently on our website or the confirmation email. Sometimes, cheaper rates are available on our website for a specific stay at an accommodation premises. These rates made by the accommodation supplier may carry special restrictions and conditions, for example, in respect to cancellation, refund and/or payment method. The user should refer to the room and rate details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making the reservation. The obvious mistakes (including typing errors) are not binding. All special offers and promotions are marked as such. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS does not charge fees for management services.


Due to the special characteristics of remote contracting, the USER acknowledges the impossibility of being able to sign the payment voucher, such document being understood of that which is habitually used to formalise conformity of the transaction. For this reason, the user waives signature of such document for all electronic transactions generated as a consequence of reservations made through the MALLORCA GOLF TOURS website. The USER who fills in the booking form on the site must be authorised to do so in the name of all the members of the group travelling together and must confirm that all members accept the booking terms and conditions. Furthermore, this user shall be responsible for the total cost of the booking including cancellation or amendment charges and shall inform the other members of the group of the confirmation details and any other relevant information. After proceeding to the product reservation via the website, MALLORCA GOLF TOURS will then confirm it by email and provide a service voucher. You must print and present this voucher when you arrive at the establishment(s) where the service(s) has/have been contracted, or when it/they commence(s). The booking document containing information of any of the contracted services made by the user via the website will be archived by MALLORCA GOLF TOURS and can be accessed by the USER at any time online through “My Bookings” on the website, located at the top right hand side of the website; by entering his/her email address and password. The purchase of any product will only be effective at the time in which MALLORCA GOLF TOURS successfully charges the cost of the booking to the credit card provided or receives by transfer the amount of the purchase, and a booking may be cancelled up to that time by MALLORCA GOLF TOURS. Confirmation of the booking request requires the user’s authorisation for us to take full payment on the credit card or bank account provided for the total amount of the purchase.


Tee Times: Golf courses reserve the right to amend tee times. If the golf club cancel your reservation or change your tee time we will try to find a suitable alternative. You will be charged or refunded for any difference in the original cost. Such changes do not entitle you to cancel a holiday that is part of a package. Please also be aware that some golf courses may pair you up with other golfers during peak times.

Dress code: We cannot accept any responsibility in any ruling by the hotel/golf course if you or any of your group is unable to play due to inappropriate attire. Please check before you travel that your group is aware of appropriate golfing attire.

Standard of play / Golf etiquette: Knowledge of golf etiquette and the rules of golf are expected by all members of your group. Some golf courses will require handicap certificates before accepting visitors, so we strongly recommend you to bring your handicap certificate. In case of handicap maximum limitations apply, we will try to advise you of at the time of booking.

Condition of golf course: The condition of golf courses varies throughout the year. General golf course maintenance on tee boxes, fairways and greens are an essential feature of golf course preparation. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS cannot be held responsible for the impact of such work.


Some properties require credit card details in order to guarantee the reservation to the user. As such, MALLORCA GOLF TOURS will send your credit card information directly to the service provider at which the booking is made and we may verify (i.e. pre-authorise) your credit card as well. In order to safeguard and encrypt your credit card information when in transit to us, we use the “Secure Socket Layer (SSL)” technology for our services. Some accommodation providers, prior to check-in, and in order to prevent fraudulent use of the card, may make balance checks on the credit card to a maximum of €1, or of one unit of currency of the country where the accommodation establishment is located. The value of this charge will be returned to the USER once the verification has been made. Likewise, prior to check-in, the accommodation establishment may, in accordance with its cancellation fee policy, charge the credit card the applicable cancellation fees as a guarantee for the reservation. If no cancellation is made, these fees will be discounted from the payment that the USER makes to the accommodation provider. For certain (non-refundable) rates or special offers, please note that the accommodation provider may require that payment is made upfront by wire transfer (if available) or by credit card. In that case, the USER’s credit card may be pre-authorised or charged (sometimes without any option for refund) upon making the reservation. The USER must check the room details thoroughly for any such special conditions prior to making the reservation. For security reasons, MALLORCA GOLF TOURS may require signed authorisation from the credit card holder if fraudulent behaviour is suspected. If, for whatever reason, MALLORCA GOLF TOURS does not receive such signed authorisation, the booking will be considered void and will be cancelled on the system. If MALLORCA GOLF TOURS has reasonable grounds to suspect that the booking is actually fraudulent, it may cancel it automatically and send a notification to the email address provided by the customer at the time of booking. The request for signed authorisation is designed to protect the cardholder from possible misuse of the credit card used to make the booking with MALLORCA GOLF TOURS and to verify the USER as the cardholder. In case of fraud or unauthorised credit card use by third parties, most banks and companies issuing credit cards cover all the charges resulting from such fraud or misuse.


By making a reservation with an accommodation provider, the USER accepts to the relevant cancellation and no-show policy of that accommodation provider, and to any additional (delivery) terms and conditions of the accommodation provider that may apply to the user’s reservation or stay. Here are included the services rendered and/or products offered by the accommodation provider (the delivery terms and conditions of an accommodation provider can be obtained with the relevant accommodation provider). The general cancellation or no-show policy of each accommodation provider is made available to the USER on our website on the accommodation information pages, during the reservation process and in the confirmation email. The USER should note that certain rates or special offers are not eligible for change or cancelation. The USER should check each room details thoroughly for any such conditions prior to making the reservation. If the USER wishes to review, adjust or cancel a reservation, please revert to the confirmation email and follow the instructions therein. Please note that cancellation fees may apply in accordance with the accommodation provider’s cancellation and no-show policy. We recommend reading these conditions carefully prior to making the reservation. Any modification included, but not limited to, a partial cancellation, amendment or reduction in the number of nights, will be subject to an administration fee of €10, for every modification made. In some cases, the accommodation amendment may imply the imposing of a cancellation fee by our provider. In such cases, there will be no administrative charge but the applicable cancellation fee will be charged instead. For any non-urgent accommodation modifications (more than 72 hours before arrival), please contact our Customer Services department by email or telephone. For any urgent accommodation modifications (bookings within 72 hours prior to arrival) the USER should contact our Customer Services department by telephone. No modification or alteration shall be permitted with less than 24 hours before the scheduled time for the contracted service, unless the service provider allow for a greater amount of time. The contact telephone numbers are specified on the website and in your booking confirmation voucher. You can also use the contact form provided on the website. The user may cancel his/her accommodation reservation at any time on the website. During the booking process, the user will be notified of the cancellation fees as well as the period for them to be applicable. In case of confirming an accommodation booking, the user thereby accepts the applicable costs regarding the aforementioned concepts. In case of withdrawal of the travel services contracted through MALLORCA GOLF TOURS, the USER shall be entitled to a refund of the amount of what was paid, deducting from this any amounts accrued from the expenses of cancelation. The amount of cancellation fees may vary according to destination, dates, provider and notice of cancellation. If the user does not show up at the accommodation on the arrival date stated on the booking voucher and a cancellation has not been previously made, the user or any other member of the party will not be entitled to any refund. Upon confirming the booking the USER will be informed of the various cancellation fees, in accordance with the required notification date for cancellations. Please note that cancellation deadlines are based on the time and date of the destination where your hotel stay is booked and not on the time and date of the country where the reservation was made. Cancellation is not permitted through the website on the day of arrival, and therefore any such cancellation should be done by contacting MALLORCA GOLF TOURS. Cancellation charges on the day of arrival are dependent upon the policy of the accommodation and can reach up to 100% of the total price. It is important to note that during peak occupation periods, the cancellation charges may incur the full amount of the original reservation. If for exceptional reasons the cancellation cannot be made via the website, you must communicate it in writing and send it to MALLORCA GOLF TOURS, detailing the destination and reservation number. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS shall send acknowledgement of receipt confirming the cancellation and inform of all the charges, if any, which may be applicable. The USER shall be responsible for obtaining such confirmation and/or acknowledgement of the cancellation of the reservation. The USER must cancel his/her booking through MALLORCA GOLF TOURS in all cases, not being allowed to cancel the booking directly through the accommodation provider. In the event of leaving the accommodation before the reserved departure date, the USER should address any claim for a refund to MALLORCA GOLF TOURS within twenty days following the effective date of departure, together with written confirmation from the accommodation provider of the time and date of departure. In the event of Act of God, such as, war, revolution, acts of terrorism, closure of borders, epidemics, catastrophes or other causes that seriously affect the various destinations and in particular the place where the accommodation provider is located, reservations made via MALLORCA GOLF TOURS may be cancelled by either party with no penalty whatsoever.


The USER should know that package holiday bookings are subject to the Royal Decree 1/2007, of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users, and other complementary laws and specific conditions agreed between the USER and tour operator arranging the package holiday, with MALLORCA GOLF TOURS acting as the travel agent.


The user is responsible for complying with governmental documentation requirements needed to exit, enter and other. This information can be found on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( MALLORCA GOLF TOURS may incorporate additional specific conditions which shall be noted on our website.

A passport is necessary to travel to all countries. Most European countries enjoy the same level of medical service however MALLORCA GOLF TOURS recommends all clients INSURE THEMSELVES ADEQUATELY. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS advises all travellers that the passport and ID documents are in place prior to travel.


Bad weather is unavoidable during the course of the year and as a result golf courses may either close or the golf course will operate temporary tees and greens at their sole discretion. Golf courses reserve the right to close or operate temporary tee boxes / greens.

Golf played on temporary greens and tees is non-refundable and is considered to be an accepted part of playing golf during periods of bad weather. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS cannot be held responsible due to inclement weather conditions.

If you are unable to play golf on your break due to golf course closure we will, without guarantee and at our supplier's discretion, try and obtain a green fee vouchers for the golf element of the break.

Each golf course sets its own 'Bad Weather Policy'. All decisions regarding green fee vouchers are solely at the discretion of the golf course and are final. We cannot be held responsible should inclement weather prevail


Any claim, demand or complaint must be made directly to the service provider, and a copy sent to MALLORCA GOLF TOURS within 28 days of your date of return. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS is not to be liable under any circumstances for the User’s luggage. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS acts only as a promoter and manager of reservations, and can not be held responsible for decease, injury, illness, damage, loss, accident, theft, delay or other irregularity resulting, directly or indirectly, for the provision of services by the providers that have contracted with MALLORCA GOLF TOURS. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS is not responsible for any contract that the user makes directly with third parties or that the user directly manage with the service provider .

If you have a complaint or experience any problems during your holiday please inform the hotel immediately during your golf holiday. We recommend that you speak to the Hotel General Manager and take the matter up with him/her directly. If you do not reach an acceptable conclusion during your golf holiday please notify us in writing within 28 days of your date of return.

Customer Service Dept MALLORCA GOLF TOURS, SL, Ctra. Valldemossa km 7,4 Parc bit, Edificio Naorte Bloque A local 14, 07121-Palma de Mallorca, Baleares, España.

Please note: Complaints cannot be dealt with over the phone. They must be made in writing and sent to the address above or by email to

The amount of the maximum liability of MALLORCA GOLF TOURS against USER for any reasonable and unforeseeable loss, damage or impediment that the user may suffer or that may incur as a result of mistake of MALLORCA GOLF TOURS, breach of contract, or any deliberate or negligent act or omission of any employee of MALLORCA GOLF TOURS, is limited to the commission we have earned or are due to earn in relation to the booking in question.

The user acknowledges that MALLORCA GOLF TOURS do not manage, nor has any control over the providing of services by the provider. Therefore, the user must submit any claim or complaint directly to the vendor providing the service. MALLORCA GOLF TOURS will use reasonably means to facilitate contracted providers to accept responsibility and compensate in this respect and against any claims the USERS make concerning the service provided by the service providers.

Force majeure: MALLORCA GOLF TOURS will not be liable for additional expenses incurred through travel delay, Acts of God, force majeure or events beyond our control. Force majeure is unusual and unforeseeable circumstances beyond our control such as war or threat of war, riots, civil unrest, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural or nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions.