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Golf Maioris and the coast


Golf Maioris and the coast

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Golf Maioris is situated east of Palma, approximately 1,5 km from the sea. This makes the course very popular during the hot summer months thanks to a cooling sea breeze, but also during the mild winter season, thanks to its’ low levels of rainfall. The golf area is very large, approximately 63 hectares, and during your round of golf you will pass high pine trees and something locally referred to as “garrigue”, which means small bushes and grass (in other words; keep an eye on where your ball lands if the wind should interfere). The course is long, and after a round here you really feel like you could do with a cold beer, or a nice swim. After all, you are not far from the sea!

Check out our detailed information page about the course as well as the video about Golf Maioris.

Mhares Sea Club

Are you hungry for luxurious relaxation to a wonderful view after your round of golf? Do you want to relax on deckchairs, listen to relaxing music while you sip something refreshing? Sunbathe and swim, but not having to worry about lugging half of the beach with you back to the hotel room? Then the Mhares Sea Club is just the right choice for you!

This exclusive chill-out club is very near Golf Maioris, so you won’t have to spend a long time driving there.

How to get here is relatively easy. From the golf course you will take a right onto the larger road (PMV-6014). After approximately 400m you will, on your left, see an exit, (similar to a roundabout) that you should take. You are then on Avenida Ocells, and you should follow this street until it ends in a T. You will drive past a bunch of town houses that all look identical. When you have reached the end, turn right and then first left down Carrer Oronella, which you simply keep following until you can see Mhares Sea Club (impossible to miss).

At Mhares you have the choice of several different types of lovely packages, ranging from the Standard (sun chair, towel, drink and menu for 36€ pp) to the luxury package that goes by the name Balinese Sunbeds (two towels, two drinks, two fruit plates and menu for 110€ for 2 persons). The packages offer good value, as the menu that is included with each package includes a 3-course lunch/dinner as that you enjoy in the shadow beneath a white parasol while enjoying the beautiful view of the turquoise waters and the bay of Palma. Here you have everything you need to enjoy a lazy, relaxed and above all luxurious afternoon (why not enjoy a massage while you are there?), and we highly recommend you stay until sunset. Mhares is known for being one of the best spots in Majorca to enjoy the sunset. Mhares is a really popular spot, and there are many who return year after year to enjoy the tranquillity and views.

If you want to plan ahead you can reserve your sun bed on their web before you arrive. To make a reservation, click here , or contact us and we will be happy to help you!

Illots de Can Climent

If you are looking for an experience a little more close to nature your perfect spot is located right next to Mhares Sea Club. Your spot is the wonderful coastline of Illots de Can Climent, best known for the quarries where they broke the stones that were used to build Palmas magnificent cathedral, La Seu. Along the sea you can swim in the old quarry, and it is a strange yet delightful feeling to swim past and step on the perfect squares, which stands in stark contrast to the surrounding, slightly wild Mediterranean landscape. The water along the coast is crystal clear, and it is excellent for going snorkelling! The further you walk along the coast, the more private the experience.

How to get here is really easy. You just follow the instructions on how to get to Mhares, but you drive a little further onto the white, dusty road to park your car. After parking, follow the road on foot for about 15-20 minutes, until you see stone formations that look very square or until you see a spot that you like. Important to remember is to take lots of water with you and to also take with you some type of shoe to wear in the water of while on the rocks, as some of them can be quite uncomfortable to walk on.

Cala Pi

If you don’t mind driving along Majorcas stunning coastline, enjoy stunning views and then end up at an absolutely fantastic sandy beach... then Cala Pi is right for you! Soft, white sand meets the sparkling turquoise sea, in between dramatic rock walls. This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the island. One is greeted by a watch tower from the 16th century, which has guarded the inhabitants of Cala Pi for hundreds of years against pirates and other mischief. The name Cala Pi comes from “pino”, the pine trees surrounding the beach.

How to get here from Golf Maioris is a cinch. When you drive out from the golf club onto the road PMV-6014 you should go south, or turn left. However, that is not permitted on this road, so you have to turn to the right, and then use the roundabout on your left side after 400 m to turn, and then go south. Follow the PMV-6014 for about half an hour (13 km) until you reach a roundabout. Take the first exit and continue down the road for about 4 km. When you find yourself in the “center” of Cala Pi, or among buildings, just continue downwards towards the sea. When you see the parking and the watch tower you know you’ve found the right place!

If after reading this you feel like coming to Majorca to enjoy the island and to play golf, have a look at our golf packages, or make your own flexible golf package! If you still don’t find what you are looking for, just send us an email to or give us a call on +44 (0)20 359 838 71 and we will be happy to help you!

Play golf, enjoy Majorca!

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