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Majorcas markets


Majorcas markets

Majorca's culture

Every week Mallorca is host to a large number of markets. To guide you through this market jungle we have listed three of these markets, each one different from the other. This way you can choose the one that suits you the best. Are you ready for a relaxed rural market, a colourful flea market or the largest market on the island? Just take your pick, or why not pick all three?

Sineu – Wednesday 7-14 – Farmers Market

On Wednesdays a traditional farmers market is held in the village of Sineu. This is the oldest market on the island. It was founded by King Jaime III in 1306, to be more exact. But the historic tradition is not the only thing that makes this market special. In addition to vegetables, fruits, flowers, farm machinery, tools and clothing, this is the only market on the island with permission to exhibit and sell animals. The most important domestic races of the Balearic Islands can be found in a specially designed warehouse at the Plaça de Mercat.

This market is one of the most popular in Mallorca, so here we strongly recommend you arrive early to avoid the worst congestion. The feeling and atmosphere of the market is very joyful, and even if you are not looking to buy a goat or a pig chances are high that you might find something else, whether it be tasty oranges, gigantic tomatoes or perhaps a pair of handmade leather sandals.

Good to know here is that the animals are incredibly cute, and it is therefore very important to not let yourself get carried away or persuaded, for puppies or small donkeys are not permitted as carry-on for your plane ride home.

Son Fuster - Saturdays 8-14 – Flea Market

Son Fuster is a major industrial area on the outskirts of Palma. Here you can every Saturday to find a relatively large flea market. Many turisguider say flea market in Palma is held at one of avenidorna in Palma, but the flea market will be taken over more and more of the "regular" market stalls that one finds in all markets where handbags, scarves, jewelry etc. are sold. Would you instead want to experience a genuine flea market, where many locals go, you should go to Son Fuster.

Here you can find basically anything, but of course it varies from time to time. On site there is always someone selling food of some kind, so packed lunch is only a necessity if you are a bit picky. One can find textiles, clothing, home accessories, furniture, flowers, shoes, old books.. Yes, anything is possible! Even if you are not looking for anything special it's very interesting to stroll around and look at all the strange things that people are trying to sell.

Good to know is that there is not much shade in this area, so SPF and water is a good idea to bring with you.

How to get here easily from Palma: Take the metro number "M1" to the metro stop: “Son Fuster Vell”. Take the metro from Plaza España. The Metro can be found if you follow the signs to the Metro, and walking down the stairs you find next to the park. The ticket can be purchased from vending machines or over the counter, and costs 1.60 € per person. For information on availability, prices etc you can visit TIB website. TIB stands for Transporte Islas Baleares.

Inca – Thursdays 8-14 – Majorcas largest market

Every Thursday Majorca’s largest market is held in the town of Inca. The market extends through almost the entire city center, and offers many different products - vegetables, fruit, pastries, nuts, candy, clothes, and above all leather products. Inca is well known for its fine leather goods, so if you are in search of a really nice bag, a belt, shoes or a fancy briefcase so it is strongly recommended that you visit this market.

The easiest way to get here is by train which runs from Plaza España. The stop the train makes in Inca leaves you just a short walk from where the market begins.

Make sure to try the buñuelos, somewhat reminiscent of a simple version of American doughnuts. Freshly fried with melting sugar sprinkled over them – oh so good! There is always at least one person who is making and selling buñuelos, and take the opportunity to buy as soon as you see them (you DON’T want to miss out on this!), otherwise the risk is that they run out of dough, because these delicious deep-fried dough balls may be tiny, but they are ridiculously popular, and they sell surprisingly quickly.

How to get here easily from Palma: Take train number "T1" to Inca. The T2 and T3 also passes Inca. Take the train from the station at Plaza Espana. The train can be found at the same location as the metro. The ticket can be purchased from vending machines or over the counter, and costs 1.60 € per person. For information on availability, prices etc you can visit TIB website.

Tip: Be sure not to arrive late, as most markets close at 14. The range is bigger and the crowd smaller the earlier you arrive. Try to have as small bills as possible with you, since change sometimes is scarce. Also, bear in mind that pickpockets love crowds, so please don’t keep your wallet in you back pocket, and do keep an eye on your purse.

If after reading this you feel like coming to Majorca to enjoy the island and play golf, have a look at our golf packages, or make your own flexible golf package! And, if you still don’t find what you are looking for, just send us an email to or give us a call on +44 (0)20 359 838 71 and we will be happy to help you!

Play golf, enjoy Majorca!

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