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South Majorcas Hidden Gems


South Majorcas Hidden Gems

Majorca's Beaches

Majorca is known for its beautiful beaches and its welcoming climate. Most beaches are just as Majorca, well known, popular and perhaps a bit too crowded during July and August. Of course you will always find space to put down your beach towel, but maybe not always space to enjoy the peace and quiet.

If you are a little more adventurous, if you do not mind walking a little bit (to reach a tranquil location to enjoy you vacation), and if you ALWAYS wanted to find a beach that you could have as your own for a day; then this post just for you!

Pack a lunch, and water in abundance, pack your swimsuit (and GPS for those of you who are not masters at reading maps), and lace up your comfortable shoes... And prepare yourselves for some hiking, and then for a day of peace and quiet under the sun. This is you opportunity to find your own beach in southern Majorca!

To help you plan for your holiday we have stated the positions, so you can have a sneakpeak at the beach through Google Earth.

Caló des Màrmols

A bay that has gone completely untouched through the years, if you do not count the sea and wind influences. This beautiful, pristine beach lies between cliffs that rise up to 20 meters, giving it the shape of a triangle, with a stunning view of Cabrera.

The name Caló des Màrmols comes from the white color of the sand and stones, as "màrmols" in spanish means marble.

How to get here:

ALT 1 : Start from the Ma-610 from Cap de Ses Salines and at kilometer4, 3, just before the road starts to turn, you will see, on the left, the entrance to private property "Rafal des Porcs". If the gate is open, park the car in a suitable place along the road. Do not litter, and if you see the owners, be courteous and ask for permission to pass down to the beach. After you have passed the "finca" (farm), follow the larger gravel road to reach the beach after 2 km walk. This option is also very well suited for cycling.

ALT 2: Start in Santanyi, and follow Calle de Llombards Southeast. This leads to road Ma-6110 (Colonia de Sant Jordi). Follow this road until you reach a roundabout, where you take the first exit to continue on Ma-6100, up to the village of Es Llombards. In Llombards Ma-6100 changes name to Calle Son Amer and Calle Major, which passes the village. When you exit Llombards, go straight and then turn left onto the road Camino del Far del Cap de ses Salines, which will lead you to Faro de ses Salines (the lighthouse). Here you can find parking, and you reach Cala Màrmols after 5 km hike to the east.

Position: 39 ° 17'21 .83 "N, 3 ° 5'25 .14 "E

Nearest town: Ses Salines 9.4 km

Nearest Port: Cala Figuera

Nearest golf courses: Son Antem West or Vall D’Or Golf .

Platjó des Caragol

After you have left behind you the visible silhouette of the lighthouse Cap de Ses Salines, this this humble beach opens up, lined with pine trees. The only buildings on this beach are bunkers left over from the civil war, and an abandoned, hermit-like house.

Here you can breathe in the salty sea air, which also carries notes of rosemary that grows here. The silence is broken by an old Llaüt (Mallorcan fishing boat) that drives past, and disappear around the next bay. That's basically the only "disturbing" sound you will hear on this beach, one of the most precious jewels on this Balearic island. Caragol, along with its neighboring beaches, is one of the most secluded and pristine coastal areas, and is wonderful excursion for a walk or bike ride without any haste.

Behind the dunes, between pine trees you can see the fence that marks the border between the beach and the finca Sa Valls, owned by the family March - one of the largest and oldest Majorcan families.

How to get here: Starting in Ses Salines, you start at the roundabout at Avenida Francesc de Borja Moll and Carretera Campos a Colònia de Sant Jordi (Ma-6100), and take the second exit to keep going on Ma-6100. Pass the village of Ses Salines driving east. Follow this road until you reach the next roundabout where you take the first exit to continue on Ma-6100-Follow this road for about 2 km until you take a right onto Camino del Far des Cap de ses Salines, which takes you up to the lighthouse, Far de ses Salines. Here you can park, and you will find the beach after 2 km hike to the west.

Position: 39 ° 16'42 .85 "N, 3 ° 2'38 .14 "E

Nearest town: Ses Salines 12.2 km

Nearest Port: Colònia de Sant Jordi

Closest golf courses: Golf Maioris or Son Antem West

Es Dolç, Can Curt and Es Dofi

Except for occasional hikers or swimmers in search of that feeling of freedom or salty baths under the sun in its purest form, the sand and the breathtaking views over Cabrera will be the only thing you see during your walk/hike to the beach. This piece of coast is almost entirely untouched. Es Dolç is located approximately 300 m from Colònia de Sant Jordi, and this beach offers rental of sunbeds and umbrellas, and there is also a beach bar. If you continue along the beach you will arrive at playa de Can Curt, from where you have the best view of the neighboring island of Cabrera. Continuing a little further so you reach Es Dofi, a very quiet beach where the requirement of swimwear does not quite exist..(If you continue really far you reach Platja des Caragol, spoken of earlier). Along this coast walk, there is something for every taste!

How to get here Drive to Colònia de Sant Jordi, and park near Es Playa des Port, which you then follow on foot to the south-east.

Position (Es Dofi): 39 ° 18'44 .06 "N, 3 ° 0'36 .95 "E

Nearest town: Colònia de Sant Jordi

Nearest port: Colònia de Sant Jordi

Nearest golf courses: Golf Maioris or Son Antem West

If after reading this you feel like coming to Majorca to enjoy the island, its beaches and to play golf, have a look at our golf packages, or make your own flexible golf package! And, if you still don’t find what you are looking for, just send us an email to or give us a call on +44 (0)20 359 838 71 and we will be very happy to help you!

Play golf, enjoy Majorca!

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